It was a pleasure to work with Evan Davis at Sunlight Homes. He was very responsible and diligently worked on my project even answering my most trivial of questions. Me Davis brought expertise to the project that I could not find elsewhere. Today people are amazed at the architectural design that was incorporated into the structure. His designed a beautiful home that we will be proud of for years to come.

Dr. Kyle Kleinpeter, MBA – Verbena, Alabama

I actually stayed at our Sunlight home during the storm. I expected that the wind might blow water up under the metal roof and cause leaks but nothing like that happened and it hardly even made the roof rumble the way metal sometimes does in wind. You may recall the house is well above the water so there was no issue with flooding. Also no damage from the quake.

Overall the house feels like a fortress, incredibly solid – I really could not be happier with how this turned out. Whenever I’m there I just revel in it. In addition to having extremely livable, comfortable spaces, the house performs unbelievably well in extreme weather. In the brutal heat and humidity of July it’s comfortable with the thermostat at 79. In the worst of the winter it heats up easily and quickly. When we are gone we leave the thermostat at 85 in the summer and 55 in the winter, and when we arrive the house gets comfortable in just a few minutes. Everywhere else I’ve lived with a heat pump I had complaints about comfort – here the heat pump handles this space effortlessly.

With 2 kids in college I can’t live there full time but I go down almost every weekend starting in April through November. The downside is that I spend a lot of time during the week daydreaming about getting back down.

If you or Jon are ever in the area I hope you will come and see it – I’m sure you will be proud.

DB - Northumberland County, VA

Home completed, just after hurricane and earthquake in region

When we started our search for a designer for our new home, we wanted to find a firm familiar with Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language. For us, that search led to Sunlight Homes and Evan Davis. Despite being 2/3 of the way across the country, it felt like Evan was just down the street - he was always available when we wanted to discuss the design. Building a house can be pretty stressful, so we wanted a designer who could keep things stress free (or as close as you can get when building).

Sunlight came through with flying colors – Evan was there for us from the start right through to the final stages when we spent several weeks making small changes to get just the house we envisioned. He listened to our wishes and worked them into the design, and when our ideas didn’t make sense he let us know. He also did a great job helping us make adjustments to the parts of his proposal we wanted to modify. We’ve been in the house six months and we love it. It’s beautiful, comfortable, fits into the neighborhood and feels like home. A great design takes a great architect and for us Evan and Sunlight were an excellent match.

TT - Windam, NH

Home Completed

When we chose to build a new home in Southern Indiana, we wanted a custom design with as many environmentally-friendly elements as we could afford. We found the perfect designer in Evan Davis of Sunlight Homes. Evan has been a joy to work with, from the preliminary chats and site visit to the first design and through several variations, some of which became major as we changed our minds about what we wanted. Unfailingly professional, patient, and friendly, Evan always kept our budget in mind and offered excellent lower-cost suggestions when our original ideas proved too expensive. Most of all, he used his innate talent and extensive knowledge of his craft to create a beautiful, energy-efficient design that is far better than the one we had in mind in the beginning. We highly recommend Evan and Sunlight Homes.

BS - Newburgh, IN

Home Completed

Our experience with Sunlight Homes was wonderful! After countless hours of research, discussions, and sleepless nights we decided on Sunlight Homes for the simple fact that they truly believed in making the owners’ part of the process. From the initial exchange of emails with Margie, the site visit with Evan and Jon, the cost estimate worksheets, and all the correspondence in between. Our family’s needs and desires were always listened to in the design of OUR HOME. During the site visit Evan laid out a bubble diagram that evolved from our meetings and discussions into something that was truly us. We had high hopes going into the process and Sunlight Homes has met if not exceeded all expectations. We just can’t say it enough,

Thank you all!

GG - Golden Valley County, North Dakota

Just a short note to report on how our SIP house is performing.

One word, Superb!!!

The house works so well for us. Your design is exactly as we imagined our house would be. We have had large gatherings and small dinner parties. All work equally well. The Great Room can handle both. I love my studio, separate but close.

The guest room, with a murphy bed, bath, and Bill's fly tying room fulfill the need for a guest room when needed, but work equally well, on a mostly full time basis, as Bill's space for his fishing-related requirements.

People are envious when I tell them about our electric bills. It is 100 degrees today, and the inside of the house, without air-conditioning, is 77 degrees. Our electric bill for each of the last three months has been $8.75.

The house is warm and cozy in the winter, it averages 62 degrees without the wood stove or the radiant heat on, in our 35 to 40 degree winter weather.

It's cool and comfortable in the summer, averaging about 75 degrees in our 90 degree plus weather. All and all, an elegant, classy, efficient little house.

Thank you for your wonderful design.

RC - Southern Oregon

We just may be one of Sunlight Home’s longest-running customers, considering our site visit was in 2006 and actual construction began in late 2008 (house-selling woes!). Given our longevity, we have had the pleasure of working with both Jon and Evan. The passing of the Sunlight Homes torch from father to son in the midst of our build was smooth. We’ve benefitted from both men’s expertise and are grateful for Evan’s availability any time we needed him – especially since we are “owner builders.” While we enjoyed working with Jon on the design and early stages of our home, Sunlight Homes is in more-than-capable hands with Evan at the helm.

MCF - Mammouth, AZ