We are a small, second generation, family-owned design firm and have designed custom, green homes for hundreds of wonderful clients around the US for almost 40 years from our home town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Since receiving his architecture degree in 2007, Evan Davis, son of founder Jon Davis, has been lead designer and has run Sunlight Homes. After growing up in the family business, designing and building custom green homes is in Evan’s blood. He fully understands and appreciates the benefits of green architecture and knows first-hand the value of A Pattern Language design theory, having lived most of his life in various Sunlight homes that were designed using the Pattern Language approach.

These experiences, and his degree in architecture, have helped inform Evan’s natural talent and ability for design. Evan also carries a GB-98 Contractors license and uses his construction knowledge and experience to design custom, green homes that are smart and straight forward to build. (Visit our Portfolio section for examples of his work.)

Evan has a special interest in new architectural technologies, materials and methods and is committed to staying on a path of continual improvement with Sunlight Homes, advancing our processes and products as new developments are proven.

Mission, Vision, Purpose Statements + Strategy

We wrote the following statements several years ago while working with a consultant to clarify our business focus and develop a predictable, total quality management system for our business.

To work with our customers to create their ideal green home by providing professional guidance and the widest range of choices within a predictable process.

To work as a team to develop, implement and continually refine systems, training and technologies for designing and building green custom homes, so the entire process is predictable, enjoyable and results in the best possible home for each customer.

Sunlight Homes is a custom green residential design, information, resource and education company. We guide our customers through the green home building process using integrated systems and state-of-the-art green design, information and materials technology.

Our design group is a multi-talented, experienced team that provides superior service to our customers. Together, we create green home environments that meet our clients’ lifestyle needs and building budgets while fitting to their land’s topography and orientation. Our approach to green home design and construction makes the process predictable, easy and fun for our clients and results in a home that precisely fits their individual needs, as their budget allows. Using a cost tracking system provides accurate data throughout the design process, resulting in homes that are built within the clients’ predetermined budgets. Computerized, multi-media, 3-D visualizing tools make it easy for our clients and their builders to understand the details of their home before it is built, increasing their confidence in the process and resulting in very satisfied customers. We are effective at engaging our clients in the green design/build process through open communication and education. We are experts at organizing and presenting information in a way that is enjoyable and effective. Our corporate identity is professional, knowledgeable and consistent and embodies the power of excellent green design in all facets of its communication. Our sales flow to us as a result of our value-added, customer-driven approach to business.

We continually expand our knowledge and skills to remain on the leading edge of information and green design/build technology. We find ways to apply new technology and knowledge to home design and building to constantly improve the process and product.