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Naranjo Residence

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When the last of their two children went off to college, Mr. and Mrs. Naranjo decided it was time to build their dream home on the property they owned in northern NM. This property, located on the western slope of the San Pedro Parks Wilderness, has wonderful views to the south and east.

The extremely challenging sloped site played a large role in determining the layout of the home. It was decided to position the house on the uphill side of a large bowl shaped depression and the stepped back design helped the house hug this edge. The detached garage was positioned to the west and down slope to make vehicle access easier. Completely off grid, the pole mounted PV array sits west of the garage. Being off grid, super insulation and passive solar orientation were a must from the beginning.

The house, a two story walk out basement configuration, is a modest 1,885 square feet upstairs with a full unfinished basement below that houses the bank of batteries. Two large lofts upstairs make for overflow sleeping and storage areas as needed. A full south facing upstairs deck provides ample outdoor space to soak up the sun and views in the winter and creates a wonderful shaded portal below for the hotter summer months.

Just as the owners desired, this northern New Mexico style home is tucked into the hill side to blend in rather than stick out.