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Bowen Residence

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Mr. Bowen had owned this land for a number of years spending weekends camping, clearing scrub brush and cutting trails before he decided to make it his home. After walking the property and getting to know the lay of the land together we found the perfect site for his home near one of the large Ponderosa pines that speckle his property.

The site was just north of a small wash where the trees were naturally thinner and allowed the sun to shine through. Being an owner builder, and planning on doing the majority of the construction labor himself, Mr. Bowen was interested in keeping the design simple to make construction as easy as possible.

His goals were to design a small but open house that would require as little heating as possible with plenty of outdoor space. Two lofts were added above the kitchen and bathroom to give more space for storage or an extra guest bed. Covered porches on the east and west side provide a sheltered outdoor space morning and evening. The vaulted ceiling created by the sloped shed roof makes the small spaces feel much larger and wonderfully cozy.