Lander Residence

Fremont County, Wyoming

3,161 square feet

The Lander residence was designed for a family of four. The basic program called for passive solar orientation, positive outdoor spaces, a separate children’s wing from the master suite and an out building containing a workshop and horse stables.

This program in combination with an interest in a contemporary design allowed Sunlight Homes the freedom to explore unusual design solutions. The design accomplished the goals of the project by breaking the house up into discrete modules connected by interstitial circulation spaces. This allowed for maximum passive solar gain as well as natural light from multiple sides of every room.

In addition to capturing abundant natural light this design solution also created a positive figure-ground relationship creating sheltered, positive outdoor spaces. Located just east of the Wind River Range, the sloping roof lines give the house a distinct fractured aesthetic mirroring the mountains to the west.

The barrel vaulted entry roof is distinct from the rest of the roof lines and draws attention to the entry sequence. In order to create an inviting transition from outside to inside the front door of the project is sheltered by a west facing porch roof that transitions into the breezeway leading to the shop and stables. Furthering this transition into the entry foyer, a dropped ceiling of open beam work with clerestory windows above create a unique space that plays with the sense of volume. Exposed glue-lam beams throughout the main living spaces create a contemporary mountain lodge feel while also adding visual interest to the ceiling.