McDonald 6Sunlight is the ultimate natural resource.

It exists in abundance and is equally distributed to all those who wish to enjoy it. Considering and understanding sunlight when building a home seems like common sense, but too few actually take sunlight into account when designing a new home.

What are the Benefits of Solar Efficiency?

There are obvious reasons for utilizing sunlight such as more natural light, which not only enhances your home’s atmosphere, but also helps to regulate the temperature inside your house. This means that you’ll be paying less to control the temperature of your house, no matter the time of year. At Sunlight Homes, we make sure to utilize all the benefits of sunlight so we can get the very most out of our solar-conscious homes.

Can your Homes Utilize Photovoltaic Energy Systems?

Sunlight Homes enables you to take your houses’ relation to the sun to the next level. Since our homes are built with such a strong focus on solar efficiency, they are perfectly suited to get the most out of PV (Photovoltaic) Energy Systems. PV’s which are interconnected and working at peak efficiency produce an overabundance of energy, which means that you’ll actually be selling energy back to the electric company. In addition to these systems, Sunlight Homes offers Solar Thermal systems, which work almost identically to your current hot water heater, but it power 100% by the sun!

Are you ready to start maximizing your energy efficiency?

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