Our Component Package

Our home kit includes blueprints, super insulated SIP walls and roof, Pella windows and doors.
Our Component Package, or custom structrual insulated panel (SIP) home kit , includes the most important elements of a high quality, green home — the custom design and a super insulated, polyurethane structural insulated panel (SIP) exterior shell. One without the other misses the mark.

Why a Custom SIP Home Kit?

Most commonly, people wanting to build a home purchase plans from a plan company or have a home custom designed, then hire a contractor to provide the labor and materials to build and complete the home. We have found that this system can produce a wide variation in the level of quality, strength, durability and energy efficiency of the finished product. This is because of the wide range of building material choices and construction methods. 

There is often the cheapest or easiest way to do something, then there's the right way. Since the design and the exterior structure are the two most critical things to get right, having them come as an integrated package provides a more predictable, higher quality result. Another benefit is that we are able to design our homes specifically for the insulation and strength values of the SIPs, which makes for a more intelligent design. 

Our Component Package Includes:

Every Sunlight Home kit includes the following items:

  • Complete custom design with a structural engineer stamp for your state.
  • Unlimited access to our private Sunlight Homes Client Web Site
  • Ten sets of blueprints suitable for obtaining a building permit
  • Murus™ structural insulated panels (SIPS); R-33 walls R-40 roof
  • Pella™ Designer Series triple pane, Low-E windows U .23
  • Velux™ double-insulated skylights
  • Pella™ entry and secondary exterior doors
  • Insulated metal exterior garage pedestrian door
  • Fasteners and canned foam used in panel erection
  • Project management and quality assurance documents
  • Project consultation


All Sunlight Homes can be upgraded to meet your specific design and budget requirements. After all, they are custom homes! Here are some of the available upgrade options:

  • Upgraded windows (custom colors, internal shades, retracting screens)
  • Custom hardwood exterior doors
  • Panelized Murus™ garage package
  • Panelized Murus™ floors


The following materials and services are the responsibility of your general contractor.

  • All site work including building permit, site engineering, site utilities, site prep and excavation
  • Forklift to unload panels from delivery truck and crane to set roof panels
  • Job site builders risk insurance
  • Engineering documents for grading, plumbing, site drainage and energy calculations if required
  • Foundation and concrete work
  • All framing lumber, interior and exterior
  • Framing hardware, nails, shims, adhesives, bolts, joist hangers, metal connectors, fittings, etc.
  • Wall insulation for garage, sound insulation for interior walls, foam crack insulation, sill seal, caulks, sealants
  • Interior doors, including closets
  • Exterior and interior doorknobs and lock sets
  • Plumbing and plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical wiring, devices and lights
  • Heating, cooling, and mechanical systems
  • Masonry work including fireplaces and tile work
  • Roofing and roof slope material (for flat roof houses)
  • All exterior finishes and finish lumber (railings, fascias, soffits, trim)
  • Exposed decorative beams
  • Exterior wall finishes
  • Automobile garage door & interior garage "fire door"
  • Drywall and plastering
  • All interior trim and finish work including shelving
  • Finish flooring
  • Floor insulation
  • Painting and staining
  • Cabinetry, vanities and mirrors
  • Bathroom accessories, shower doors, etc.
  • Window coverings, mini-blinds or shades
  • Appliances
  • Job site labor and clean-up